Innovative like a start-up for more than 35 years!

Ottronic was established in 1988. Since then, we have been innovating in the fields of electronics and high performance drives. Our products are used in dental, medical and industrial applications.

    • The extensive experience and strong interest in mechatronic systems laid the foundation for the establishment of Ottronic. After a short but intensive development phase, the first automation systems were successfully introduced to the market.

      From this humble beginnings with just 2 employees, Ottronic has grown to employ over 30 dedicated experts, ensuring that it remains a strong and quality oriented brand, always as the forefront of innovation.

      Over the years, electronics development and production, as well as drive technology, have emerged as focal points and remain the company's focus area. Ottronic's products are an integral part of medical and dental technology, as well as industrial equipment.

      We are experts in the development and production of customized mechatronic systems: you give us a challenge - we deliver the product. We see ourselves as a provider of comprehensive solutions, accompanying you and your concept from analysis through prototype development to series production.

      The competence built up over 35 years serve as a stable foundation for future innovations. Ottronic drives the future.

Ottronic Stories

Our employees are our greatest assets and shape the history of Ottronic. Behind every project, there are people who achieve exceptional results through their dedication and innovative spirit.

    • Walter

      A particular challenge arose during the re-certification of an existing product group of surgical hand-held power tools due to stricter normative EMC requirements. Here, all identified weak points since initial approval had to be solved in a short time on the mechanical and electronic level as well as potential encapsulation issues. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team with a broad technical expertise, we are able to quickly overcome these challenges and successfully complete the project for our customers.

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    • 2 Mio

      installed components

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      years of experience


Our certifications are the result of dedication, hard work and expertise. They demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence in our field. Thank you for your confidence in our performance.

Quality Assurance

  • Application of compliance requirements according to EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001
  • Continuous improvement of our processes
  • Annual review of our quality objectives

Client Relationships

Customer relationships are the foundation of any successful business. They mean not only customer retention, but also trust, loyalty, and growth. Through understanding, communication, and service excellence, long-term relationships are built and a positive reputation is established, leading to recurring business and growth.


Ottronic's goal is to proactively identify and evaluate trends and technological advances, and to incorporate them into products whenever appropriate. However, the company does not chase every short-lived technological change. Our goal is to provide customers with products that meet the latest technological standards while ensuring reliability, durability and safety for industrial and medical applications.


  • Our employees are our capital; all our entrepreneurial activities are driven with this background.
  • We want to make an important contribution to an ecological and social fair environment and actively work on our goals.
  • We see ourselves as a turnkey solution provider, capable of delivering a complete product to our customers, from problem and analysis to hardware and software development, prototype production, and finally series production.