Polymer Technology

We provide electronics with a particularly wide range of applications under the harshest environments, by the use of advanced polymers and continuous improvements of our processing methods. Our material expertise is your market edge.

    • Molding/Encapsulation of Electronics and Drives

      • Our patented encapsulation process enables us to overmold electronics and drives. This results in highly reliable products, even in harsh environmental conditions.

    • Materials Selection

      • By extensive material characterization in collaboration with our research partners, we have been able to build up a unique material database. This enables us to find the ideal material for your specific requirements.

    • Materials Testing

      • In-depth knowledge of active thermography and extensive testing facilities enable detailed inspection of manufacturing quality and minimize the risk of material defects in the production process.

    • Virtualization

      • Together with our research partners, we can establish digital twins of our products and processes, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to changing conditions and reduce development costs.

    • “Together with Ottronic, we have investigated the diffusion of solvents in polymers used as encapsulation materials for electronics. Through this research collaboration, we have been able to significantly push the state of the art. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Ottronic and highly recommend them as a research partner.”

      Tim Zeiner, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.


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