Special Electronics

From medical devices to customized industrial applications, special electronics boost innovation in nearly every sector. Discover how special electronics are changing our world.

    • Materials Management

      • Efficient materials management: Optimizing Resources, Perfecting Processes:

        • Procurement of PCBs as well as active, passive, electromechanical components and mechanical components
        • Technical consulting in order to find alternatives for scarce components and end-off-life components
    • SMD Production

      • Promoting scalability: We meet the highest demands, even in the smallest quantities.

        • Prototype production
        • Automatic SMD assembly of prototypes and serial production
        • Vapor Phase Soldering
    • THT Production

      • THT (Through-Hole Technology) manufacturing stands for proven reliability. Components are inserted and soldered through holes in the printed circuit board. Despite SMD trends, THT still offers stability and repairability in electronics manufacturing.

        • Prototype Production
        • Manual assembly
        • Wave soldering
    • Molding/Encapsulating

      • Our patented process yields products exhibiting highest reliability even in the harshest of enviroments.

        • Material selection and process development
        • Process and material verification
        • Molding / Encapsulating of complex geometries for special applications
    • Device and System Assembly

      • The assembly of PCBAs in the heart of our manufacturing. We focus on precise component assembly, reliable interconnection technology and thorough testing to guarantee highest quality.

        • PCBA Assemblies of modules, systems and devices
        • High quality assembly accompanied by intermediate testing
        • Manual and automated final inspection
        • Documentation
    • Testing

      • Our thorough testing procedures include in-circuit tests for analogous and digital circuits, run-in, temperature, climate as well as customer-specific testing. Our experts carry out testing at the highest quality and reliability standards for your electronic systems.

    • Logistics

      • Labeling, logistics and packaging are key to achieving product excellence. We ensure a smooth delivery to our clients by precise labeling, careful logistics and secure packaging processes. We strive for perfection to gain your trust.

        • Labeling and packaging
        • Dispatch
    • Quality

      • Quality is in our DNA. From material selection to final inspection, we are committed to the highest quality standards as the ISO 13485. Each of our products is thoroughly tested to ensure reliability, functionality and customer satisfaction.

    • Service

      • Our services focus on quality and customer satisfaction. From the development and design of innovative solutions to the production of prototypes. We support you with your EMC certification, based on conform documentation and in-house testing facilities to ensure the highest standards.


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